Friday, 17 June 2016

Aayatul Kursi

Aayatul Kursi is an important verse with many benefits promised for the person who recites it. A few benefits are mentioned below:
1. Aayatul Kursi is a protection from the Shaytaan and Jinn.
2. By reading Aayatul Kursi regularly after every fard Salaat, every morning and evening and often during the day, one will be saved from the instigation of the Shaytaan, and the evil of governors; and the evil of the human race; and from the evil of carnivorous animals.
3. The regurlar recital of Aayatul Kursi contributes to good health and safeguards the body from pain.
4. The person who recites Aayatul Kursi regularly will save himself and his family, his property, his home and belongings from being stolen, burnt or damaged by floods.
5. Whoever recites Aayatul Kursi after every Fardh Salaat, Allah will forgive that person's minor sins and overlook minor faults until the following Salaat.
6. By reading 4 times it is equivalent to the sawaab of reading 1 Qur'aan.

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