Tuesday, 14 June 2016


There was once a maid who worked for a family of Sayyids (descendants of Nabi sallallahu ‘alaihi wasallam). She was totally ignorant regarding the laws of Deen & would not even offer her salaah.
When she aged, this family would take care of her because they felt indebted to her for all the service that she had rendered to them. As her last moments came close, she began to say something which no one could understand.
Finally a learned person was called & he realised that she was saying: “laa takhaafee walaa tahzanee” (don’t fear & don’t grief). He told them to inquire from her why is she saying this.
After much difficulty she replied: “There is a group of angels present who are repeating these words.”
Then he inquired: “Do u understand what is being told to u?”
She replied: “I cannot understand it, but I can sense that they are consoling me.” He then asked: “On what action are u being blessed in this way?”
After some time she replied: “These angels are saying: ‘U haven’t done much good deeds in ur life. However, there is one deed of urs which Allah Ta‘ala really liked. Once u bought some ghee (clarified butter) from a shop. When u came home & boiled it, a gold coin came out from inside. Initially u thought of keeping it for urself since no one was aware of it. Then the thought came to ur mind that “Allah is watching”, because of which u returned it to the shopkeeper. It is on account of this deed that u are being comforted in this way."
(Jawaahir Paare vol. 1, pg. 156)
The Quraan Majeed declares that those who adopt taqwa (Allah consciousness) will be given glad tidings at the time of their death. This month of Ramadhaan is a training process for this consciousness of “Allah is watching”.
Just as we abstain from food & drink even in private merely because “Allah is watching”, we need to leave out all sins for the rest of our life because “Allah is watching”.

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