Tuesday, 14 June 2016

Beneficial duas

Few beautiful Dua's which we can make and present before our ALLAH.ߌ銊
♦ O ALLAH, before the time of death arrives, grant
us the Taufeeq of sincere Taubah.

♦ O ALLAH, don’t let us leave this world until we
have become Your Walis – Your friends, and the
true and sincere lovers of Rasulullah

♦ O ALLAH, before the ghusl of mayyit is given to
us, give us the Taufeeq of the ghusl of Taubah.

♦ O ALLAH, before we are given the kafan that will
cover our bodies, grant us the Taufeeq of
putting the garment of Taqwa over our hearts.

♦ O MY ALLAH, when the time of our death comes,
take us to Madina Shareef, bless us with
Shahaadat in Madina Shareef, at the Raudha of
my Beloved Rasul  with ‘As-
‘Salaatu was-Salaamu ‘alaika, ya Rasulullah’
on our lips

♦ O ALLAH, let our burial be in Jannatul Baqi
and if this is not in our muqaddar then O
Allah, let our death be a death of barkat.

♦ O ALLAH, we are asking for death in Madina
Shareef and burial in Jannatul Baqi so that
when the winds of Rahmat blow over Jannatul
Baqi, we too may be forgiven.

♦ O ALLAH, at the time of our death, show us some
Tajalliof Yours, such that our souls come
Happily towards You.

♦ O ALLAH, at the time of our death, let the
Kalima ‘La-ilaaha Illallaah’ be on our

♦ O ALLAH, we seek Your protection from the
fitnahs of this world, the fitnahs of the Qabr
and the fitnahs of Jahannum.

_Above Duas were from the programmes and Duas of Hazrath Ml Rahmatullh Alaih)_

_Words of wisdom from the pious of the past_

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