Friday, 17 June 2016

Homemade Biscuit Campaign

ߌ腩d~Homemade Biscuit Campaign 2016ߌ芊Alhamdulillah~this year marks 6 years of our successful campaign exclusively for Eid.
These Homemade Biscuits are distributed to the poor & needy whom do not have the luxuries of Eid day
We offer an option to u
1)Bake or Buy the Homemade Biscuits and send them to one of our drop off points or
2) Feel Free to contribute towards the Biscuit Campaign baking down by Zahras Delights.

In order to facilitate baking and distribution on time we regret that the final date for contributions will be the
24th Ramadaan/30th June INSHALLAH

For those of u who prefer to eft; please eft to:
FNB Savings Account
Name: N.Moolla
Acc number: 62134122738
Code: 200913
Or if u wish to drop off your Homemade Biscuits or Cash please call the drop off points below to make arrangements

ߌ艓IPINGO BEACH ~Sumaiya Joosab  ☎083 658 7865
ߌ蠉SIPINGO HILLS~Amina Hazaree ☎‪082 786 1197
ߌ藅STVILLE ~Fatima Saley  ☎082 816 6359
ߌ萁RLOCK~Salma Moolla ☎0612439480
ߌ萍B Shakira ~☎0788786990

جزاك الله خير for more details plz contact sister
Shaheda 0723786204/0833203248

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