Thursday, 16 June 2016

mini burfee cups

500g Nespray milk powder1/2 cup milk100g unsalted butter3/4 cup castor sugar2t elachi powder125ml nestle cream1/2 cup water2 cups icing sugar1 cup ground almonds

Mix nespray n nestle cream with a fork 4 5mins-add 2 a coffee grinder n bit by bit for at least 3-5 times.allow 2 stand for half hour between each grindBring 2 boil 1/2cup milk n 1/2cup water with unsalted butter add 2cups icing sugar n 3/4cup castor sugar to make a syrupSkim surface of syrup b4 addin 2 dry ingAdd 1 cup of ground almonds n 2 tsps of elachi to mawa(nespray/cream mixture)Gradually add 80% of syrup to bind the mixtureIt should b sticky-leave 2 stand 4 2hrsAdd rest off syrup-press out with a bicuit nozzle in2 paper cups-leave 2 set in fridge

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