Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Ramadhaan Empowerment Program

✨Would You Like To Find Your ' SOUL PURPOSE' This Ramadhaan?✨

ߌ遬l Sisters & Youth Are Warmly Invited To Indulge With Us In A Magnificent 'Spiritual Feast'...

ߌ錩basut Taqwa's 19th Annual Saturday Ramadhaan Empowerment Programs AlhumduLILLAH !

❤Free Program!
❤Every Saturday in Ramadhaan!
❤Vital Topics Pertaining To YOU This Ramadhaan!
❤Gain From The Barakah That Is Pouring In This Month InshaaALLAH...


ߌ鄁TE: 11 June 2016
ߌ锉ME: 11am - 12:30pm
ߌ閅NUE: 77 College Road, Asherville

ߒݓhare The Goodness

❤We Love You For The Pleasure Of ALLAH

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