Monday, 6 June 2016

Stuffed chicken with cream

3 tablespoons butter.
3 tablespoons flour
A cup of chicken stock
2 cup milk
Salt and pepper
Boiled some chicken breast and a clip
1 | 2 Cup Cream.
For Zain:
A little bit of parsley the manicure.
In flight put butter on fire calm even melts and narrow flour and roll over for two minutes and then add soup gradually with the lesson, with a bat the wire and add milk, continue with the lesson and spice with salt and pepper and keep it moving. Even ysmk mixture, then Add the diced chicken breast boiled and volatility for two minutes or until boiling then add the cream and volatility for a minute and lift from the fire.
Scooping in a plate of submission and decorate with a little parsley and possible save the pepper colors plus a clip and progress in here.

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