Wednesday, 22 June 2016

The fastest spreading disease

Selfie is the fastest spreading DISEASE of the 21st century, but the world health organization(WHO) does not know this.

Selfie disease is worse than cancer, ebola and HIV if only people realise it.

How can a woman, wake up, take her phone, set the camera, then twist her mouth to the left, bend her nose to the right, open her eyes very wide, and take a shot? Even if she's well positioned and her creature is well captured.

Isn't this a comprehensive error that urgently needs attention in the "emergency ward" ????

Did you know, that Allah swore three(3) times in (surah At-Tin) before HE said:

We have created mankind in the BEST form ??

Why then do you have to keep snapping yourself to re-confirm your beauty?

Do u doubt ur physique?

U are suffering from inferiority complex dats why u keep consoling yourself wit selfies.

Aisha radiAllahu anha had no pictures, yet she is in the hearts of billions of muslims today and forever. So also Maryam, Khadijah, Faatimah and all d sahabiyyah that we remember today for their heroic exploits

You have been snapping hunderds of selfies, yet you are only in the heart of your family, let your words and actions keep memories of you alive.

As for the men who take selfies, its either as a result of juvenile delinquency, youthful exhuberance or feminism theory, naturally adorments and display of beauty is typical of women, I can't imagine how you, a man, will raise your eye brows, make a wink, oil your beards and take a shot, get a life dude.

If you take selfies bcos u wanna be a ladies man, strive to attain jannah, there are 72 pepperistically beautiful huur al ayn waiting for you, you can be their halal ladies-man there.

There are more women involved in selfies than men, stop uploading your pictures, and Allah said,
Wa la tabarojna tabarujal jahiliyatil uula (and do not DISPLAY yourselves like the display of the days of ignorance).
I remember a very pretty teenage girl who is virtually d finest in our area, a muslimah yet she goes out half naked, we keep advising her yet she never takes heed, recently she had an accident in a bike, her face was badly bruised, myself and a brother visted her in d hospital, We bought some provisions for her, she slightly covered her plastered face out of shame, the brother gave her a phone and said, won't you take a selfie?

She said, why, in my condition?

The brother said, don't u snap everyday?

She said, but am in a hospital.

The brother said, don't u snap in every event or occasion?

She said, yes, to remember those beautiful events
Yakeen said, what is wrong wit remembering dis event too?

She became speechless and wept.

Have u seen dat Allah is d one who fashions beauty and can also strip one of beauty?

Alhamdulilah today she wears hijab and niqab and doesn't snap anymore.

How many were the people whom Allah granted extreme beauty, they were carried away by their beauty but its the worms dat are devouring their skin in the graves today!

Oh you, who spend your life disobeying Allah, no one among your enemies is more wicked to you than you are to your own self.

May Allah save us from the fitnah of pictures, ameen

Forwarded as recieved ߑȰߑƀ 洏bᒀ

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