Monday, 13 June 2016

The Miracle

The Prophet's (s) miracle of 7 dates and milk.
Look at his miracles. In the early morning he would eat seven dates and one cup of milk every day. He never stopped that and the Sahaabah asked about this, and he said, “This mixture of dates and milk produces power to the brain to think well and it takes the poison from the body.” So the Sahaabah used to eat seven dates and milk.
Recently, about six or seven years ago, scientists tried to see why the Prophet (s) said that, so they took the seven dates and one cup of milk and put it in an artificial stomach with all the enzymes and acid that is in the stomach and it began to work. Suddenly a blue light was coming from the center of the stomach to the brain that they were able to see.
So they saw the mixture bringing a blue light to the brain and found that light is increasing intelligence in the brain and found that the rest of mixture was going between the skin and muscles, where the poison usually goes from the liver and lives in between the skin and muscles, and that it was killing the poison!
That is 1400 years ago; the Prophet (s) knew what scientists did not know until 1400 years later. This is one of the Prophet’s (s) scientific miracles. What can we say about this? Who was able to do that? No one.

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