Friday, 17 June 2016


Prophet Muhammad صلى االله عليه وسلم Muhammad Ibn ‘Abdillāh, the Imām of the Muwahhidīn, one with best of morals and character, not only advised the Muslim husbands to be good to their wives but he had indeed established an excellent behavior with his wives as clear by the following narration:
1) On the authority of Aa'ishah (radhi allahu anhu) who said: 'On the Eid, the Prophet صلى االله عليه وسلم Muhammad Ibn ‘Abdillāh, the Imām of the Muwahhidīn called me while the Ethiopians were playing with their spears in the masjid saying: “O little red one! Would you like to watch them?” I replied 'Yes.' Then, he had me stand behind him and dropped his shoulders, so that I could see.
I rested my chin on his shoulders with my face against his cheek, and I watched over his shoulders.
He kept saying: “Haven't you had enough?”
I kept saying: 'No in order to test my status with him, until finally I had enough...' [Saheeh al-Bukhari, Saheeh Muslim and others]
2) On the authority of Aa'ishah (radiyallahu anha), who said: 'The Prophet returned from the battle of Tabook or it was Khaybar.
There was a curtain over my room. The wind blew, lifting the curtain and exposing a part of my room in which, Prophet (sallallahu alaihi wasallam) saw some dolls with which Aa'ishah (radhi allahu anhu) used to play. He said: “What is this O Aa'ishah?” She replied 'my daughters (Arabs used to call dolls, daughters).
He saw among them a horse with two wings made out of a piece of cloth. He said: “What is this?”
She replied: 'A horse' He said: “and what are those on the horses?” She replied: 'Two wings' He said: “A horse with two wings?!” Aa'ishah said: 'The Prophet laughed until I could see his molar teeth.' [Authentic - Abo Dawood An Nisa'ee in Al-Ishrah]
3) Also on the authority of Aa'ishah (radhi allahu anhu) who reported that she was once on a trip with the Prophet صلى االله عليه وسلم Muhammad Ibn ‘Abdillāh, the Imām of the Muwahhidīn while still a young girl.
She said: ‘I had not acquired excess body flesh, nor had my body become large.
The Prophet said to his Companions: Move on ahead. When they had gone on ahead of us, he said: Come, and I will race you. Then I beat him in a foot race.’
‘Later on, I was on another trip with him, and he again said to his Companions: ‘Go on ahead.’
Then, he said to me:’ I will race you.’ I had completely forgotten the previous incident.
Moreover, I had become heavier. She asked: How can I race you, when I am in this condition? He replied: You will race me! So, I raced him, and he won the race.
Then he began laughing and said: This is for that victory.' [Authentic - Al-Humaydee, an-Nisa'ee in al-Ishrah and Aboo Dawood]

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