Sunday, 24 July 2016

Muslimah Today 2016

*Everything you need to know about Muslimah Today 2016*
Please scroll down and read the full message as we have included everything you need to know about this life-changing event for Muslim women; including the programme, registration details etc.
*What is Muslimah Today*
Muslimah Today is an annual two day conference held in Durban. It aims to inspire, empower and educate women by exposing them to a range of dynamic Muslim women speakers from around SA.
*This year's theme is THE PATH TO HAPPINESS*
*This year's programme is as follows*
*Saturday 13 August 2016, in sha Allah*
Registration and tea
Welcome and Introduction
Opening Qira’ah
*Ruqayya Paruk*
Keynote address: How South African Muslim women can contribute to a happier society.
*Deputy Minister of Home Affairs – Fatima Chohan*
The path to happiness: Lessons I have learnt
*Zuleikha Mayat*
*Lunch and Dhuhr Salaah*
Islam – a way of being (moving beyond Islam as “a way of life” to a deeper understanding of Islam as “a way to be,” impacting on how we view the world, and in turn, on how we view happiness)
*Safiyyah Surtee*
Finding happiness through reflecting on the Divine Names and Attributes of Allah Subhaanahu wa Ta’ala
*Haafidhah Radia Bawa*
Happy brain, happy life: programming the brain for happiness
*Dr. Shakira Cassim*
*Tea and Asr Salaah*
Let’s get to know our speakers – interactive discussion
*Chaired by Fatima Asmal, speaking to Safiyyah Surtee and Haafidhah Radia Bawa.*
*Conclusion – Maghrib salaah facilities available at venue*
*Sunday 14 August 2016, in sha Allah*
Opening Qiraa’ah
*Haafidhah Radia Bawa*
Al-Qur’an: the ultimate source of happiness
*Haafidhah Radia Bawa*
How Muslims can contribute to human development
*Mahmoud Youssef Baker*
Why I chose Islam
*Fatima Mnxulwa*
*Lunch and Dhuhr Salaah*
Psychological strengths of Muslim women as leaders in the workplace (Phd dissertation)
*Dr. Fahrial Amla*
Identifying and fulfilling the physical and emotional needs of women
*Dr. Raeesa Aboobaker*
The journey inward – contented souls (inner happiness and contentment based on experiencing and tasting the sweetness of faith)
*Safiyyah Surtee*
*Conclusion – Asr salaah facilities available at the venue*
*Where and when does it take place*
Saturday and Sunday 13th & 14th August 2016 in sha Allah at UKZN Westville Campus Senate Chamber
*How much does it cost to attend*
R350 in total (not per day) including lunch, tea, coffee and snacks
*What if I can't afford to pay*
You can request a discount or a full sponsorship and we'll do our best to assist you (no guarantees as we are a charitable organisation ourselves; but we'll certainly try)
*How do I go about registering*
1) Send a Whatsapp message to 083 271 4500 or an email to
2) We'll respond with a short registration form and payment details
3) Return the completed form
4) Make payment within three days of registering
5) Registration closes once 165 seats have been booked OR on Wednesday, 10th August so don't delay - i.e. as soon as 165 people register, registration closes as that's the venue capacity
*Muslimah Today is brought to you by ILM FOR WOMEN, a branch of ILM-SA and is made possible by the Mercy of Allah first, then the valued assistant of our partners*
*Iqraa Trust*
*RVBD Designs*
*Osman's Spice World*
*Tabloid Newspapers*
*The Weekly Gazette*

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