Tuesday, 12 July 2016

shooting stars

Q: Salaam imam what is the significance of a shooting star. I heard it is a angel being thrown out of Jan nah. I saw 1 and wanted to know what it means

A: Wslm.

Indeed I (Allah) have beautified the heavens of this earth with stars. And made them a protection from every rebellious Shaytaan. They cannot eavesdrop on the higher group (of angels) for they are pelted from every direction. They are outcasts and will be punished relentlessly. [S37 V6-9]

Shayaateen cannot reach the highest group of angels and eavesdrop on them when they discuss revelation from Allah concerning destiny. They are pelted with a scorching flame from every direction to repel them from listening to what Allah has decided regarding His creation.

Star-worshipping is an age-old practice which does not really involve worshipping stars, rather the worshiping of certain Shayaateen. Pagan beliefs such as this have crept into civil society like the nursery rhyme:

Starlight, star bright. The first star I see tonight
I wish I may, I wish I might Have the wish I wish tonight

Hidden in this rhyme is the desire for the Jinn to grant a person all that he wishes for.  The first start to appear in the night sky is called Sirius.

(And I seek protection) from the evil of the Dog Star when it appears. [S113 V3]

Sirius, the Dog Star known as Thurayyaa in Arabic, is associated with sickness and epidemics.

It is an erroneous belief that wishing upon a falling star will grant you your wishes. Falling starts are Shayaateen being pelted by the angels when they eavesdrop on the conversation of the angels, as mentioned before.

Just as serious as star-worshipping is the pseudo-science of astrology which holds that your birth under a certain star sign determines your personality and even your destiny. Such belief is Kufr.

Angels & Demons pages 55 & 64

And Allah knows best

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