Sunday, 10 July 2016

Why our duas are not accepted?

Hadrat Abu Ishaaq Ibn Adham (رحمت الله عليه) was once passing through a bazaar in Basra, it was then said to him: ‘Oh Abu Ishaaq, verily ALLÂH Ta’ala has declared: Ask, I will grant your request. Why is it that we make Du’aa and he does not accept?
He replied: Surely it is because your hearts have become dead due to ten things:-

1) You have known who ALLÂH Ta’ala is, yet you have not fulfilled his duties.

2) You have recited the Holy Qur’an, yet you have not practiced upon it.

3) You proclaimed the love of Rasulullah (ﷺ), yet you have not practised upon his Sunnah.

4) You have pronounced that the Shaytaan is your enemy, yet you have stood with him.

5) You have pronounced your desire for Jannah (Paradise), yet you have done nothing to achieve it.

6) You have pronounced your fear of Jahannam (Hell), yet you have done nothing to escape it.

7) You have proclaimed that there is surely no escape from death, yet you have not prepared for it.

8) You have indulged in seeking faults of others and have left looking into your own faults.

9) You have enjoyed all the blessing and bounties of ALLÂH Ta’ala, yet you do not give him due praise.

10) You buried your dead, but you have taken no admonition.


We pray to ALLÂH Ta’ala to help us to refrain from the dont's and inculcate into our lives the do’s in the true spirit and light of the Qur’an and Hadith, so that we become amongst those who raise their hands, shed tears, ask ALLÂH and before we wipe them over our faces the Glorious and merciful ALLÂH accepts whatever we ask for ourselves, our brothers and sisters and the whole Ummah - Ameen.

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