Monday, 29 August 2016


“In the end, it won’t be how you walked in the sun–but how you handled’ the storm–that will determine your success. How you managed the darkness inside and ouside yourself. It won’t be about how you ran. It’ll be about how you fell, and then got back up. It won’t be about your wins. It will be about how you took defeat. Not about how you performed when strong, but how you did while bound and broken. It won’t be about your ability to walk. It will be about your willingness to crawl–even when you’re hopeless. Not about what you did when you won. But who you were after you lost. Again. Because character isn’t made on shore. Character is born in the waves. The crushing kind. The kind that tell you to give up because what’s the point of trying and failing again. The kind that tell you the ocean’s too mighty for you, and you don’t stand a chance. 
You see, heroes aren’t known by their trophies.
They’re known by their scars.”

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