Tuesday, 30 August 2016

Its a wrap

½  kg chicken fillet cut in strips
½  cup plain yoghurt 
1 tblsp lemon juice
1 tblsp ginger garlic 
3 tblsp butter 
2 tblsp garam masala
Red chillie powder to taste
Pinch haldi
Combine all together and cook,until chicken tender and done...then add ½ tub fresh cream,simmer until sauce thickens...
To assemble
Salad/cheese (optional)

½ kg steak (cut into strips)
marinade in : 
2 tblsp oil
1 ½ tsp crushed garlic
½ tsp green masala 
1 tsp red masala
1 tsp dhana Jeeru 
1 tsp bbq spice 
salt to taste
1 tsp vineger
4 tblsp mayonaise 
4 tblsp sour milk
2 tsp lemon juice
Marinate steaks,and cook until almost done...
Then add 2 tblsp ground tomato
2 tblsp chilli sauce
Cook till done
Prepare one packet 2 min noodles your choice of flavour as per instruction
Fry chips of 3 potatoes..season with salt,chillies
Sauce for the Wraps
2 tblsp mayonaise
2 tblsp tomato sauce
3 tblsp mustard sauce
carrot grated
Use roti's or buy ready made wraps..lay steak in middle,top with chips salad and drizzles of sauces...and fold sides over to middle..secure and cover top with noodles..

Nandos Wraps
2 breasts fillet stripped
1 tbl gori fois jhb marinade
1 tbl aminas steak n chop marinade
1 egg
3 tbl flour
Water to make thick batter
Mix all together..deep fry fillets
Assemble: spread mayo on tortilla then place lettuce n tomatoe...then 4 strips fillet then drizzle nandos sauce and chips over...fold in half...n sides over

‎​2 cups cake flour
1tsp sugar
1tblsp oil 
1 tsp yeast 
1 tblsp margarine.
½ tsp salt.
‎​Method: knead with warm water,and leave to rise
Roll out round rotis & bake.
Marinate chicken strips in
Salt,pepper,lemon juice,crushed garlic,any nandos sauce
Then dip in beaten egg & hinds southern fried coating
Fry in shallow oil till crispy..
Assemble wraps with mayo,salad,chicken strips

> Put chicken,sweetcorn ,and cheese on tortillas and roll up and put in rhe bottom of a baking dish
>On medium heat melt butter and flour
>Add sour cream, chicken broth, salt and pepper, cream of chicken and whisk for 5 mins until warm and pour over tortillas and add cheese 
> Bake for 25-30 min

KFC Twister Wraps
‎​2 cups cake flour..... 1tsp sugar...... 1tbs
oil.... 1tsp yeast.... 1 tabs margarine... N half
teapoon salt....
‎​Method: kneed wid warm water, n leave 4r 2
hours to rise.
Roll out round rotis & bake.
Cut ur chicken fillet in long thick strips &
marinate in:
1tsp Salt, 1/2tsp pepper, 3tbs lemon juice, 1tsp
bhirko, 1/2 tsp garlic, 1/2 tsp nandos garlic
sauce, & 1/2 tsp each of any other 2 nandos sauces
in the fridge. Leave for a few hours.
Then dip in egg & bread crumbs (mix my crumbs
with pepper,crushed chillies etc)
& fry the fillets.
Coleslaw Salad
2-3tbs Mayo
1/4 tsp salt
1/4 tsp pepper
Adjust 2 taste
Add in grated carrots, cabbage 
2tbs mayo
1tbs ketchup
1/2 tsp chilli powder.
In ur wraps:
Apply sauce like butter
Add in fried strips
& a few chips (4-6)
Roll up ur wrap

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