Saturday, 6 August 2016

Madressa Taleem-ul-Haqq

Assalaamualaikum Dear Mothers & Sisters.
On behalf of Madressa Taleem-ul-Haqq - Clare Estate:
Our Madressa consists of children who often come to madressa without eating lunch. Majority of our children come from broken/poor homes.
It is our intention to start a feeding programme for these underprivileged kids. 2 slices sandwich a day with a basic filling like peanut butter/jam/butter or whatever is easily available.
We have around 70 students. 9 loaves of bread will be required daily.
If anyone would like to contribute/help/sponsor kindly contact me for further info. Strictly No Zakaat will be accepted.
Zaakirah 078 815 6303.

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