Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Purified heart



"Youma laa yan fa’u maalu wa la banoon, illa man atallaha bi qalbin saleem"

"…that day wealth and children will be of no benefit (to a person) except the one who comes to اللهِ with a purified heart" (Qur’an-26:88-89)

However in saying that, we should not live under the misconception, as many people do, that a ‘clean heart’ absolves us of our obligations to الله Ta'ala like Salaah, Hijaab , Charity, Fasting etc.

We often hear women say, ‘I do not have to wear Hijaab because my Hijaab is in my heart! Look at so and so who wears the Hijaab but has a dirty heart!’

We also hear man say, ‘I don’t read my salaah five times a day but I do not do such and such things as Mr ‘So’ and ‘So’ is doing who stands in the first saff (row) in salaah, or wears Islamic dress etc. At least my heart is clean!’

We have to understand that these kinds of excuses cannot be used to justify our weaknesses and shortcomings and we have to remember that every person will be judged individually by اللّـه Ta'ala

YAA اللّـه
Wash All The Filth Away And Change My Dead Heart
Make Me Alive Again,Give Me a Fresh Start
So Change My Heart Please And Wash The Filth Away
Don’t Leave Me Drowning Here Alone And Astray


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