Monday, 1 August 2016

Reality of taqwa

*The reality of taqwa*

The reality of taqwa is to tolerate the “wound of regret” and withstand the grief of not being able to fulfill one’s forbidden desires or disobeying ALLAH in spite of the severe urge and inclination to do so. This is the reality of TAQWA.

_I have suffered the wounds of regret,_
_Only then have I attained Him._
_By guarding myself from the forbidden,_
_I have undergone much grief._

The nafs feels a sense of a loss, disappointment, and dissatisfaction of not having fulfilled its desire. And when the nafs becomes sad the ruh becomes happy. one of the most necessary factors in the journey to Allah Ta`ala, and that is undergoing the pain and tolerating the hardship of the becomes the close special servant of ALLAHߒڊ
*Al-Ghurabah Reminders*

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