Thursday, 4 August 2016

Steak recipes

A collection of steak Recipes..

Creamy pepper steak

1 kg rump/fillet steak cut up in pieces
½ tsp salt
2 tsp ginger garlic
1 tsp black pepper
2 tab worcester sauce
1 tsp steak and chops spice
1 tsp bbq spice
3 tab lemon juice
1 cup cream.

*marinate steak in above except cream and cook with butter/ghee on stove in pot on low till tender. When steak is done and water is burnt out, add the cream mix well with steak and switch stove off. Cream will thicken on its own. Serve with chips, veggies, pitas, whatever you desire.

Wimpy Steak. 1kg fillet steak stripped marinate wid 11/2 tsp salt 1tsp blk pepper 1/2 tsp each of ina paarmans lemon,garlic and chili garlic pepper 1 tsp garlic lemon juice 2 tsp worcester sauce 1 tsp gorimas chiLie paste. In a non stick pot add olive oil and ghee and stirfry steak till nycly browned then add sliced green peppers 1 onion sliced and chopped green chiLlies stirfry on high for 5 mins den add 1 curry spoon wimpy chiLlie sauce and 1 curry spoon tomato sauce. Cook for 5 mins and transfer to platter serve wid chips and french polony and chillie russians from desais. Toast bread in electric grill wid lines and cut into triangles and serve Enjoy :)

Ingredients:30ml oil2 onions - sliced2 tomatoes - chopped2 tsp crushed ginger2 tsp crushed garlic2 ml arad2 tsp steak masala1 kg rump steak - cut into 10cm pieces1 tsp salt
Method:- Heat oil and braise onions until brown.- Add tomatoes, ginger, garlic, arad and masala and cook for about 15 minutes.- Add steak and salt and cook over medium heat until steak is tender - about 30 minutes.- Serve with chips and salad.

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