Friday, 5 August 2016

Why did u come to Islam

*One day a reverted muslim sister was asked: "Why did you come to Islam from Hinduism.....� "*
She had replied: "When my father's dead body was set to fire at the ccremation ground, the nerves of his limbs became taut instantly and his dead body stood up. Then a man started beating his body very hard with a stick so that it lied down again. The beating was so hard that I could hear the bones cracking.
After a long time, my mother died. As my elder brother lit her face with fire at the crematory, her clothes caught fire and were burnt to ashes. Her body lay exposed to the eyes of the onlookers, whereas in her entire life no one was able to see the slightest of my mother's body or even her face! Despite being a hindu then. The scene was unbearable for me.
On the other hand, the muslims treat the dead bodies of their loved ones with such love and respect! They bathe them with care, then shroud them with a new cloth and lower them gently into the grave.
Even then they don't throw earth directly onto the body, first they cover the body with bamboos and then bury them.
I became a muslim merely upon comparing these two things.
Islam is the only religion of peace in this world."
الحمد لله
We are Muslims...
*سُبْحَــــانَﷲ* ߒӀҾ뉑

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