Sunday, 25 September 2016

Forgiveness Unlimited

Forgiveness Unlimited!!

As the sun rises in its brilliance on this Magnificent day of Arafah...
So too do the hands of the Hajis rise... towards our Beloved Allah!!

One of the best days of the year..forgiveness unlimited!!
The day when shaytaan stands rejected and humiliated!!

Allah draws near towards the earth...
Cleansing all of their sins just like they were at birth!!

Tears flowing..hearts emploring...servants begging!!
Sweltering heat but no1 cares..all are sobbing and asking..

The young..the old..the strong...the weak
All gathered at 1 valley..the pleasure of their Lord they seek..

Our Most Kind Allah...forgive us ..forgive us..we have sinned in abundance.
From head to toe we are flowing in the blackness of sins..

Ya Rabb...Accept the duas and pleas of our hajis at Mina ..Arafaat Muzdalifah..Makkah and Madeena Tayyebah
And make us from amongst them in the near future inshaAllah!!!

لبيك الهم لبيك!!


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