Wednesday, 7 September 2016

I Wonder...

If Kisra, the ruler of Persia spent the night sleeping in YOUR bed, what would he think of his own royal bed?

Would Caesar be proud of his luxurious life; reclining on a couch and fanned by his servants if he knew that my living room has a more comfortable reclining chair and an A/C unit that can make it feel like an igloo even in a Texan summer?

Would Qaroon strut arrogantly about the keys to his wealth that needed strong men to carry, if he knew that the keys to my wealth are carried in plastic cards in my wallet.

In the land of Mesopotamia so mesmerized by their chariots, what would they think if they saw our vehicles?

If the people of Baghdad and Cordoba, who used to pride themselves at the vastness of the collection of their libraries, saw the amount of books that can be carried by a college student on their USB drive, how would they feel?

If the kings who used to pride themselves on the quickness of their messengers and carriers were introduced to email, text messages and whatsapp, what would they think of how we were living?

My brothers and sisters, we live today better than many of the kings and royals of the past, but we can’t see it! We only have eyes for what others have, remember every time your eyes wander wide, your heart constricts!

When you are grateful to ALLAH and do what He asks of you, He will give you much more than what you ask of Him.

Action Item: Sit down & close your eyes for 5 mins today and remember all the Blessings of ALLAH in your life. You will feel really happy & all your worries will go away. ALLAH willing.

Beautiful ߑ̰ߏ밟̹

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