Thursday, 15 September 2016

Mealie Meal roti

*2 teacups of maize Meal (I used Nyala)
*4 Teacups of boiling water to which I added. ...
*2 tspn stork margarine
*2 tspn oil
Salt to taste

Added the two cups of maize Meal to pot of boiling water....let it cook for 10 mins

Cooked maize Meal was emptied out into dish. ..allowed to cool for few mins. ...and then measured out 3 teacups of flour. .
Using oiled palms I needed and prepared dough. ...These measurements were perfect. jaggered edged roti's. ..soft and pliable. ...easy to roll. fold overs. ..toasted well on thawa and came out soft oil free even tho I jus touched both sides a wee bit.
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