Thursday, 22 September 2016

Mercy Mission to Turkey

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The Pmb Muslim Women's Organisation will be collecting funds for the
Mercy Mission to Turkey ߒԊA gift of Vision ߑӠto a Syrian refugee child.The relief project will take place at the As-Salaam school in Reyhenli, Turkey, where over 2000 refugee kids are in dire need of medical assistance.
       ߒⰟҢߒⰟҢ                            Funds are  URGENTLY needed for the equipment  This is strictly LILLAH .
ZAKAAT and SADAQAH will be utilised for meals and other provisions for the families.☕ߍ⊊We appeal to our
community to help brighten the lives of our brothers and sisters in Syria by making a contribution toward this worthy cause.
A team of 15 optometrists and some doctors will be departing from SA on the 29TH of September 2016
In Sha Allah to conduct:
Eye screenings, Examinations,
Provide treatments and Provide spectacles            
Banking Details:
Zakaat acc details
First National Bank
Acc 55131178284
Code 250068
Ref:Syria :Mercy/Zakaat
Pmb Muslim Womens Org.
First National Bank
Acc No: 62053456169
Code :   250068
Ref: Syria:Mercy(sadaqah /lillah
Kindly sms 0832786030 with name and address if 18A tax certificate is required.
All funds collected wil be forwarded to the IMA. 
For further details contact:
Hamida   Moosa:0836786557
Essa:  083 276 030
Sumiyya Mota   : 0837869371

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