Monday, 12 September 2016

Mutton Kaleji Curry

Cut liver into small pieces and wash well.
Vagaar : Braise in oil
Few cinnamon sticks
Few whole cloves
Few whole pepper
Few whole elachi
When done, add
Cook on slow heat till nearly done.
Liquidize ± 4 tomatoes 
Add 1½ Teaspoon Arad (turmeric)
1 tablespoon red fine chillies
1 tablespoon dhana / jeeroo powder
1½ Tablespoon ginger / garlic paste
Salt to taste
½Cup sourmilk

Add all to pot and allow to cook till nicely done.
Garnish with green dhanya & spring onions.
*Enjoy with ginger beer !
KALEJI (liver) quick
Cut liver in thin strips
Put some ghee or oil in frying pan. And put kaleji in frying pan with some green chutney,salt to taste ,little black pepper and a little of ginger garlic paste and add little water cover with lid n cook for few min till dried out. Eat and enjoy.

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