Friday, 16 September 2016

Nazz Passion fruit mini cakes

Recipe credit:nazzi_khan
Perfect quick n easy tea cake

I used *Nazz flop proof plain cake* recipe fr dese cakes and topped wit passion fruit topping.

Preheat da oven to 200'C

take 6 large eggs n beat with 2 cups castor sugar n for dis recipe i used 2 tsp of coconut essence.u can use vanilla or caramel

Beat til double in volume and white in color.very imp step.must be white.

Meantym boil 3/4 (three quarter cup) milk with 125gr butter til melted

Sift 2 cups flour wit 2tsp baking powder twice

Add spoonfuls of da flour at a tym to da egg mixture and beat on medium

Den pour sloooowly da warm milk butter mixture into da flour..beat til combined and a flowing consistency

Pour into well greased oven pan or 2 round pans or lined cupcake pans.i used mini rounded pan wit12 holes

Put into the oven n immediately drop da temp to 180'C and bake.bake in da centre shelf of ur oven
10 mins fr mini cakes or cupcake
(sumtyms sooner)
15 to 20 mins if using dis recipe for oven pan
chk wen it rises .donot ova bake

Meantym make da topping

*Granidilla topping*
Recipe cedit: shais_kitchen

3-4 granidillas
1 cup icing sugar
1 tab water
Mix well to form a glaze

Remove cakes from oven and pour glaze ova hot cakes and cover

**Dis is my best eva plain cake...flopproof...
Quick n easy...
Its an ideal base fr many recipes
P.s i tried 7 eggs in an oven pan n da cake was super smooth..

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