Friday, 7 October 2016


_She is always at the mosque by 6am wearing some faded wrapper and worn out sandals._
_She is always cleaning the windows, the doorway and mats._
_One Friday a young man in a gold tunic walked into the mosque while she wrung the mop._
_He was impressed that a beautiful woman who looked quite good even in her old cloths and a scarf could be so dedicated to her work in the community._
_He thought to himself that this was an unfortunate woman who probably had not gotten anyone to take care of her schooling and now she would probably be struggling to make ends meet._
_He watched and within his heart felt he now knew what Allah wanted him to do._
_He went back to his car and took out two $50 notes and when the woman finished her chores and was about to leave he called out to her - commending her for the service and gave her the notes._
_She respectfully declined the gift but he insisted pressing it into her hands._
_He asked if she lived close by so he could drop her not to be late to her market stall._

_She thanked him and told him that her car was out side, but he did not comprehend or even try to understand what she had just said._
_He walked with her out determined to find out all he could about this poor woman that Allah wanted him to help change her status._
_They walked out of the mosque with him telling her where he worked - his corporate office - and how he wanted to make a big difference in her life._
_He was so busy talking he did not realise they had walked directly to a BMW X6 parked in the yard._
_He felt so cheap and old as she touched the door that yielded to her thumb._
_His Subaru Impreza diminished before his eyes as they welled with shame._
_She handed over her card to the man and saying:_
_*“I believe Allah sent you here for a purpose, but I do not think it was to change my status. May be it was to change yours.”*_
_He was transfixed as she smoothly glided in the 4X4._
_Allah had a purpose for bringing him to the mosque that morning and that purpose was to teach him humility which he learnt well._
_He now cleans the mosque whenever everyone fails to show up._
*_Many times we think so highly of ourselves. We prefer to teach instead of learning._*
_*We may be men created in the best of Allah's creations but at one time ants shall be the professors seeking to impart knowledge to us only if we are humble enough to learn.*_

Khalid Dhorat

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