Friday, 21 October 2016

Hijab as a Lifestyle

We live in a time when hijab is being bombarded by negative publicity, being banned, outlawed and ostracized. “Forbidden fruit is the all alluring” ergo the campaign of western countries to have the hijab banned has backfired creating more interest and fascination in a little piece of fabric. Choosing to wear hijab has become a symbol of strength and independence. As the world awakens to the truth, the hijab is no longer viewed as a symbol of oppression.

The hijab is a symbol of freedom. It’s a lifestyle that forces the world to judge a muslim woman by what is in her head rather than what is on her head. To hear her opinion, not just listen to her voice, most importantly to judge her on merit not sex appeal. Choosing the lifestyle of hijab can be likened to following a diet. Both are choices we make because we want the desired result. With the diet, it’s the healthy lifestyle and desired weight-loss, with hijab it’s the pleasure of The Creator. We remain dedicated to counting calories and staying away from unhealthy food choices because we don’t want to be embarrassed at the weight in in front of our peers. In the same way we dedicate ourselves and stay away from immoral choices because we don’t want to be embarrassed on the Day of Judgement when the weighing will be in front of all humanity. However the diet is for our physical body that will left behind for the worms, hijab is for our eternal soul. Life is about priorities, don’t let the first day you wear hijab be the hijab of your kafan.

Many muslims are under the impression that it is forbidden for women to wear any colour except black. This is not true. Did you know that during the time of prophet Muhammed peace be upon him, men were forbidden from wearing saffron coloured clothing as these were colours associated with women’s’ clothing. In a world where the media controls the mind of vulnerable and impressionable young girls, the culture of hijab fashion is imperative as a unifying trend that our girls can relate to. A sisterhood of hijabis who encourage each other to remain steadfast in adherence to the divine injunction of covering one’s head. An injunction for women of all major world religions, not just muslim.

As an avid follower of hijab bloggers mostly from UK and USA, I am always blown away by comments from sisters stating that they never wore hijab but have been so inspired by the blogger that they have now started wearing hijab! Ma sha Allah. The way a woman wears her hijab, differs according to personal preference and with fashion savy hijabis, there has emerged a new genre of fashion and culture. One that embrace the best of both worlds, ie. faith and fashion. Here are a few considerations for this season**.

This season you can expect to see every shade of neon. From little neon accents on the traditional hijab, to going all out for those who dare. We will also be seeing black and white as well as many interpretations of stripes intune to the nautical theme from ss12.

As we head into an African summer we are seeing chiffon making a strong come back in hijab trends for the season. Available in a variety of colours including neons which are so in vogue for ss13. silk comes back with a vengeance this season. We will see a myriad of colours and patterns with eastern influences both long and square.

To pin or not to pin?
The “pin free” craze that hit our shores last year seems to be waning off as women try other elaborate styles. However the practicality of a scarf that stays on with minimal maintenance will always remain a necessity.
Bands and caps
These accessories add element of fun and class to the hijab. Different brands have bands and caps in styles to suit everyone. And the styling possibilities are endless. These are a must as woman become more creative with their hijab.

by Safia Kazi
SA Hijabi Lifestyle
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