Monday, 3 October 2016

Our temporary abode: Duniya

What happens when you’re traveling or you know that your stay is only temporary?
When you’re passing through a city for one night, how attached do you get to that place?

If you know it’s temporary, you’ll be willing to stay there. But would you like to live there?
Probably not.
Suppose your boss sent you to a new town to work on a limited project. Suppose he didn’t tell you exactly when the project would end, but you knew that you could be returning home, any day. How would you be in that town?

Would you invest in massive amounts of property and spend all your savings on expensive furniture and cars?
Most likely not. Even while shopping, would you buy cart-loads of food and other perishables?
No. You’d probably hesitate about buying any more than you need for a couple days – because your boss could call you back any day.
This is the mindset of a traveler. There is a natural detachment that comes with the realization that something is only temporary.
That is what the Prophet ﷺ in his wisdom, is talking about in this profound hadith. He understood the danger of becoming engrossed in this life.
In fact, there was nothing he feared for us more.
ߔꊈe ﷺ said,
"By Allah I don’t fear for you poverty, but I fear that the world would be abundant for you as it has been for those before you, so you compete for it as they have competed for it, so it destroys you as it has destroyed them."
ߔ는he blessed Prophet ﷺ recognized the true nature of this life. He understood what it meant to be in the dunya, without being of it. He sailed the very same ocean that we all must.
But his ship knew well from where it had come, and to where it was going. His was a boat that remained dry. He understood that the same ocean which sparkles in the sunlight, will become a graveyard for the ships that enter it. -Yasmin Mogahed
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