Tuesday, 11 October 2016

Skincare during Pregnancy

A while back, whilst browsing through my Facebook, I came across a beautiful poem. I read and re-read it, because I thought it really captured the incomparable feeling, of being pregnant, housing a life within you and it showed the bond that you develop with your unborn baby long before he/she arrives.

A mark for every breath you took, 
Every blink, 
every sleepy yawn. 
One for every time you sucked your thumb, 
waved hello, 
closed your eyes and slept in the most perfect darkness. 
One for every time you had hiccups, 
one for every dream you dreamed inside me. 
It isn’t pretty anymore, some may even call it ugly. 
It was your home. 
It’s where I grew to love you, 
where I laid my hand, 
As I dreamed about who you were and who you would be. 
It held you until my arms could, 
And for that I will ALWAYS find something beautiful in it... (Unknown)

Stretch marks A few lucky ladies get away without developing any stretch marks during their pregnancy. How you deal with them before they arrive and once they’re already there, makes a big difference in their appearance. There is no quick fix solution to them-they generally become lighter over time.
It is essential to invest in good quality tissue oil. There are also a few body care regimes available that moisturise you skin right up until the third layer.
However not everyone is prepared to spend a fortune on products, which led to my invention below when I was pregnant.

Mix together the following ingredients in a pot: -1 large tub of Vaseline -125mls of glycerine -125ml olive oil/grape seed oil
-5 vitamin E capsules (cut of the tip and pour in the liquid) Bring all the above to a medium heat allow to amalgamate. Remove off the heat and add 5drops of lavender oil. Mix together. Once cool store in a glass jar. As the densities of the products are different, the above mixture separates. You will have to store it with a spoon.
Use the above mixture at least 3 times a day on your tummy, breasts, upper arms, thighs and behind your knees. These areas are prone to stretch marks.

It is also beneficial to use a nourishing body wash during pregnancy as soap strips the skin of the much needed oils. After birth be sure to tackle the stretch marks with good quality tissue oil. Most of them to fade and even if they don’t- remember you housed precious cargo within you. Your body isn’t ruined.

You’re a tiger who earned her stripes!

By Doula Sumaiyya Mahomed
Cell: 076 762 3306 Bb Pin: 22db497d info@mothersintuition.co.za

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