Tuesday, 18 October 2016


You have heard the expression, “You can’t fit a square peg in a round hole.” Chances are you have had days where you felt just like that peg and nothing seemed to fit. I’m reminded of a famous quote: “Motivation doesn’t last.
Neither does bathing which is why we recommend it frequently!” So where does motivation come from and how do you
recharge when you need more? Let’s go back to that square peg for a minute. 

 I`m in my pre-teen years and I just want to enjoy my years, leaving the world`s issues, girlfriends etc. to adults. I`m not saying, don’t worry about the sufferings of the world, but hey, don`t take on the world`s troubles. 
Recalling my Geometry class, I know that, mathematically speaking, a square peg WILL fit in a round hole if the diameter of the circle is equal to the distance between opposite points of the square. For purposes of this discussion, think of yourself as the PEG in this “round hole” we call Earth. The “P” stands for Purpose. What is your purpose, your “why”,
your vision? What is the real reason you get up in the morning? Remember the story of the starfish on the beach? A little boy is walking down the beach. There are thousands of starfish washed up in the sand that will die
because they can’t get back to the water. The boy is picking them up, one by one, and throwing them back into the water. A man approaches the boy and says: ”You know you can’t save all these starfish.” The boy replies as he picks up the next one: “No, but it matters to this one.” So, what is your “starfish on the beach”? 
What matters to you so much that you would persevere, even if you knew you could never finish the task? Arriving at the answer and reminding yourself, by words or pictures, will help you re-kindle the spark. The “E” reminds
you that Everything is a choice. Everything you think, do, or say constitutes a decision on your part. You control, you choose. “Goals”, is the Law of the Excluded Alternative. This says that whatever you are doing, thinking, saying right now, tomorrow, next week, etc effectively precludes you from doing, thinking, saying anything else during that time (Not counting multi-tasking!). 
Your mind is like a fertile field and you are the “farmer”. Whatever you plant and “feed” will grow. What will you plant in the fertile field of your mind? What books will you read, what information will you absorb, what people will you “hang out” with? Select uplifting books, listen/watch positive programs, and hang out with folks that have a positive attitude. It will rub off and energize you. The “G” stands for Gratitude. The old adage to “count your blessings” really applies here. Consider all that you have to be thankful for. Start each day by writing down three things for which you are grateful. End each day the same way. When you’re feeling “down”, go on a rampage of gratitude. Think about the people you love, the places you have been, the great experiences or achievements in your life. In truth, we all have so much to be thankful for. To sum up, remember your purpose, scrutinize your choices, and give thanks. Now you have a recipe for motivation that helps whenever you need a boost. 
Don`t demand worldly things from your parents, rather demand their time. We as kids don’t know the stress that our parents go through, start of small to help them wherever and make it a daily habit. 
Whatever you need has been already provided for you, when you are all grown up and earning, you can buy whatever you wish to. For now, enjoy your growing up years, work hard, leave an impression in everyone`s hearts, this will most definitely help you when you become an adult. Life is way too short to fight with your parents, siblings and family. Put in all your best and enjoy! 
 By Zaakir (9)

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