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What is Tae’bo
TAE’BO is a total body fitness system that is a combination of Martial Arts such as kicks and punches. Tae’bo has been popular since the 1990’s. It was founded by an American “Tae Kwon Do” trainer, Billy Blanks. It was one of the first “cardio-boxing” exercise programs. This is the highest-intensity workout to increase cardiovascular, fitness, strength and flexibility. A typical one-hour class consists of a series of jabs, punches and kicks. The name Tae’bo is a combination of other words “Tae” means “leg” and it relates to the kicks and lower body parts of the workout. “Bo” comes from boxing and upper body punches. Tae’bo can be a very satisfying workout because it works the entire body.

Who can participate
Tae’ bo is for anyone who wants a complete workout. But more than just exercise calorie and fat burning exercise tae’bo has to offer a workout for the entire body. With the start of any new exercise program, you should consult with your health care provider. Tae’bo can be done at your own body strength. As you get stronger, you can do more and increase your physical fitness. Many women are attracted to the program as a form of strength building. You build strength while enjoying yourself.

Tae’bo was designed as a different type of cardio, aerobic and kick-boxing. It is both physical and mental. It is one of the best forms of cardiovascular workouts. Tae’bo is effective in defining the body’s muscularity, toning it improves ones balance, with co-ordination, and flexibility has cardiovascular benefits. The total burning of calories in a session will be 500 to 800 calories. This makes tae’ bo an ideal physical workout for those attempting to burn a lot of calories. Tae’bo also helps developing a positive self-esteem. That would apply with any form of exercise. It helps with relief of depression and anxiety, releasing happy endorphins in the brain. Tae’bo is a great physical workout for individuals seeking to use the entire body to burn calories. Like every young women, I was incredibly proud of my figure, I felt I had nothing to worry about, I was fit and a size 32 but after two kids, much to my horror I began to put on weight. I tried a number of many different methods to lose weight, I tired almost every diet one could think of, I tried various diet pills that made me gain even more and then discovered the tae’bo regime. Once I started, I immediately started noticing results and became so inspired. I soon decided to open up classes and make everyone aware of the great benefits that tae’bo has to offer. Unfortunately in our society more emphasis is placed on cooking great food and little emphasis on creating great bodies. I have been teaching tae’bo for a number of years and have seen the effects they have on people, more especially women. With many years of experience in being a fitness instructor, I have worked with ladies, who have been obese and have seen tremendous results. Even women that had problems conceiving

managed to conceive within a few months of training. Exercise is important for us in our daily lives, it’s not about being thin, it’s all about being fit. In today’s lifestyle, with all the unhealthy foods we consume, we have to keep our bodies burning calories. Teenagers do not get enough physical activities in school. Every female should be doing some form of exercise from their teenage years. It helps to minimize the stress from studying, therefore prevents skin breakouts, helps with blood circulation, keeps the brain healthy and the body fit and energized .

How soon can one see results
Some people can feel a change in their bodies at the very first time they do tae’bo. Results can be seen from as little as three tae’bo sessions. Everybody is different and therefore individual results may vary.

How often should I do Tae’bo
Tae’bo can be done everyday or a couple times a week for maximum results. Like any other cardio vascular exercise one should work out at least three times a week. A beginner should always start on a low impact to build up endurance. Tae’bo is challenging and requires you to use your entire body. Do not lose hope if you are tired in the first session. The idea of tae’bo is to maximize the benefits by working the entire body.

How should one dress for Tae’bo
Ladies should be comfortable while exercising. Using takkies is compulsory. It gives your ankles support. Wear gym clothes that doesn’t restrict blood circulation example, trackpants, tights and loose t-shirt.

Keep fit! Lose weight! Get into shape! Have the ultimate fun workout!

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