Monday, 3 October 2016

The Price of the Pearl

True Story about a fisherman which involves YOU. Read it till you believe what I am actually saying.
There was a Fisherman who was very hardworking in his job. He used to go for fishing whenever he needed fish. The fish would stay in the house till when its over and he would go for fishing again.
One day....
When the wife of the fisherman was cutting the fish which her husband brought home...
She saw something that was unusual
She saw a pearl in the stomach of the fish.
She was surprised.
A the stomach of the fish???
My husband . .my husband...come and look what I found!!!
Its a pearl.
A pearl!!!

The fisherman took the pearl.
He went to his neighbour who sells pearls.
The neighbour stared at it and said,
No, I can't buy it.
Its value cannot be estimated.
But you can go to the Manager of sellers in the neighbouring village maybe he can buy it from you.
So he went with his pearl to the manager and told him the story.
He said, O my brother, whatever I own cannot buy this pearl.
But I have a solution for you. Go to the Cheif of this village , he is the only one who can buy this pearl .
Therefore, he went with his treasure to the chief's palace waiting at the door to get permission to get in.
When the cheif saw him he said: I always look for this type of pearls. I don't know how to estimate the price but I am going to allow you to enter my special store and you are going to stay there for six hours. You should take what you want and that will be the price for this pearl.
The fisherman said,
Sir, You can make it just two hours because six hours is too much for a fisherman like me.
The cheif said,
No, its supposed to be exactly six hours so that you take whatever you want.
The fisherman entered the store and saw an exciting scene.
A very big room; divided into three sections.
A section filled with diamonds , gold and pearls.
Another section with a bed that if you just looked at, you would fall asleep.
The last section had all the foods and drinks that a person would desire.
The fisherman told himself;
Six hours????!
That's too much for a fisherman like me??
What am I going to do in six hours?
Well... I am going to start with the food in the third section.
I am going to eat till I fill my stomach.
So that I get enough energy to carry a large amount of gold.
He went to the third section
He spent two hours eating and eating and eating till he was done.
He went to the first section.
One his was he saw the magical bed.
He talked to himself again,
I ate till I got satisfied.
Why shouldn't I have some sleep so that I get more energy to carry a larger amount of gold.
This is an opportunity that will never repeat itself. What stupidity can make me lose it!
He went to the bed....cuddled and fell in deep sleep.
After sometime,
He heard someone telling him;
Wake up...Wake up you stupid fisherman. Time is over.
Whaaaaat????!I didn't take a thing.
Yeah just go out!
Please...I didn't have enough of what I want.
It has been six hours and You are just here....You just woke up from your unawareness.
You want to add more jewels??!
You should have worked to collect these jewels so that you go out and buy better food than even this.
And even more awesome and more comfortable bed than this.
But You are an unaware stupid man.
You only think in the box you are in.
Take him out!!
No...No ...please...please
The end of the story.
But the teachings haven't ended yet.
Have you seen that pearl?
Its your soul.
Its a treasure that is priceless.
But you do not know the value of that treasure.
Have you seen that store?
It's the Dunya.
Look at its greatness.
And look at how we have drowned in it.
And the jewels:
Are the good deeds.
And the magical bed:
It is our unawareness.
And the food and drinks:
Are our desires.
Now You....the reader of this story.
You have to wake up from your unawareness and leave that magical bed.
Go and collect those jewels beside you.
Before your time is over .
The fisherman got out without anything because his time was over.
Go and collect the jewels before your time is over;
That's your age.
Don't wait to regret when you are leaving this dunya saying take me back maybe I will do good but you are never given that chance.
When death comes , your time is over. You cannot collect any jewels.
We do not know when death is going to come to us and we meet Allah
Lets add our good deeds from now
Wake up and pray at night (Qiyamu laiyl) even if it's two Rakaats.
Give Sadaqa for it keeps you away from calamities
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