Tuesday, 8 November 2016


Hazrat Maulana Maseehullah Saheb ra says, “Take a lesson from a young girl when she gets married.” The world accepts that women are Sinf-e-Nazuk “(The weaker sex)” and they are delicate. Women are sensitive. A young girl for eighteen to twenty years enjoyed being with her parents, fighting and playing with her siblings, etc. however when she receives a proposal and accepts and says, “Yes! I am prepared to marry this boy.”
Then Hazrat Maseehullah says, “She tears herself away from her family and comfort of her parents home like silk being pulled out of thorns.” The very same girl in her one “Yes!” she hands over her honour, her total izzat (respect), she hands it to her husband. The same girl who would never lower her garment will do so for her husband. She will become such a person that despite having given up so much she will now try to keep her husband happy all the time. What a great sacrifice a woman makes for the husband.
A lesson for the husband is he must realise that his wife has made a very great sacrifice and she has come as an Amaanat (A great trust), so treat her as Amaanat and do not destroy this Amaanat.
Another great lesson we learn from the sacrifice a woman makes is just like she is able to pull herself away from her family, we should also pull our Ruh (soul) away from all the thorns the gunahs (sins) we commit and we should hand ourselves over to Allah swt.
A husband might not appreciate his wife for her sacrifice, but remember Allah swt will definitely appreciate and honour a person in such a way he cannot imagine. Allah swt will appreciate a person for giving up his desires. Therefore we should take lesson from these young girls and how they hand themselves over on the occasion of Nikah. We should hand ourselves over to Allah swt.

by  Hazrat Moulana Abdul Hamid Is’haq (DB)

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