Sunday, 13 November 2016

Bella laser studio

🌸dearest beautiful ladies Bella laser studio has 3 pages 🌸bella laser studio NAYEEMA gardee on Facebook Bella Laser studio Bella hair removal and on Ingram🌸Bella laser STUDIO🌸🌸our rates on full body has gone up to 1700 1400 for teens the rest should remain 🌸 I don't see more than 4 bodies a day🌸 so you dont need to waite🌸 and it is depending on your skin but till today no body has burnt 🌸I also state I I don't see men My German machine is fast and u have a choice which you prefer🌸Bella has few products to follow with our regular promotions 380 for both followup after deep regular facial on our machine🌸remove s impurities and pigmentation if followed correctly 🌸🌸pls do call if I dint answer leave a app I'm respond asap 🌸I do work in sandton cit 1 a month big groups. O824919887 If I don't attend drop a appreciated🌸🌸NAYEEMA gardee Bella Laser studio in Mayfair near sulthan Bhahu masjeed🌸salaams🌸🌸🌸

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