Tuesday, 22 November 2016

Love Fashion KM

Designer: Khatoon Moosa

Brand Name: Love Fashion KM

Education: A graduate from the (DSSA) Design School Southern Africa in BA Fashion Design and Marketing.

Did you always want to go into the fashion industry?
Yes, I have always been a fashion lover and as a young girl I loved dressing up and loved all things glamorous. I developed an early passion for style and fashion design that was further developed, matured and formalized with a BA degree in Fashion Design and Marketing.

What was your first job?
During my final year at DSSA I was fortunate to do my internship at a Bridal Design Studio with Norman and Eve.

How did the experience prepare you as a designer / brand creator?
I was fortunate enough to work behind the scenes in the Fashion Industry, and I soon realised that it is not all glamorous and entailed a lot of hard work. During this time I learnt a great deal about the Fashion Industry and it helped nurture my fashion skills tremendously. I realised a key concept that women want to feel beautiful and getting the perfect fit is one of the major cornerstones to a designer’s success.

What challenges did you face when starting your brand?
The fashion industry is extremely tough and competitive. So you have to know what you want, differentiate yourself, go for it, work hard at being successful and live your dream.

How did you find your niche in such a competitive industry?
As a young women in a cosmopolitan society, contemporary fashion appeals to most of us. But there is a new identity emerging among not only the young women, mature women too, who are proud of their Islamic identity. Proud of their Islamic dress. Looking for opportunities and designers who will cater towards this growing self confidence amongst Muslim women, Abayas have become a global trend. Look at the recent London Fashion Week. And as a Designer I was looking for something to do and on one of my visits, a spiritual adviser, advised me to direct my passion towards Islamic dress. So I thought to myself why not, I can do this.

When was your first fashion show?
I launched my 1st collection, THE EID UL ADHA ABAYA COLLECTION on the the 6th of October 2013 which was met with resounding success.

How was the public response to your brand?
My brand was met very positively and due to the keen interest I launched my next collection a month later. In the fashion industry you have to be prepared to be criticized but you have to be true to yourself, be creative and unique and put yourself out there so that you give the public an opportunity to embrace your creativity.

What is the most challenging aspect of being both a designer / business owner?
I find myself fortunate to have launched my career in something I have a passion for. In the fashion industry and a business owner in this space you have to be head-strong and prepared to work hard. Most of my free time goes into designing and building my brand. One of the challenges as a fashion designer is the continuous scrutiny you endure from critiques to ordinary people but it is my passion and determination to succeed that drives me and I strongly believe that with adversity comes true success.

What inspires your designs?
I find myself drawn towards expressing inner beauty as well as a women's inclination towards beauty through Islamic dress. I design and embellish my abayas with a flash of colour and inspired by current trends to express fashion in

way that is still modest, feminine and accommodates religious values. The abayas in my latest Summer Collection are fun, bright and an art of self-expression. Summarily, Lovefashion KM is a fashion house that sets out to design garments and accessories to compliment the diverse lifestyles of today's woman. My designs reflect a distinct fusion of chic, contemporary class and current trends to offer the ultimate islamic fashion experience. Distinguished by high quality tailoring and a relentless focus on the finest details, means each garment embodies a true spirit of beauty and gracefulness.

What is the most challenging aspect of your career?
The prospect of always having to satisfy women’s insatiable need to always look and feel good.

What is the most rewarding aspect of your career?
Selling my designs is really exciting. It is fulfilling to see my store and what I have achieved thus far. I hope to see my designs in Vogue, this dream keeps me motivated, determined and hard working.

Describe your typical work-day / work-week?
I continuously research latest trends as fashion never sleeps. My days rotate between gathering ideas, sourcing fabrics, embellishments and sketching.

What advice do you give to aspiring designers who want to follow your career path?
Dedication, hard work and love for fashion is what it takes. Be ambitious and share your talent with the world.

Contact details: mobile: 0825688844 Email add: khatoon.moosa@lovefashionkm.com
Website: www.lovefashionkm.com

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