Saturday, 12 November 2016

Nisa Qamar & the Master of Jinniaville" by *Shafinaaz Hassim.*

Author, *Shafinaaz Hassim* is launching her eagerly-anticipated novel for kids at the ICC tomorrow!
Join *Wordflute Press* and *ARTiculate Africa Book Fair* for the launch of "Nisa Qamar & the Master of Jinniaville" by *Shafinaaz Hassim.*
*Date* tomorrow, Sunday, 13th November 2016
*Time* 3pm
*Venue* ICC Hall 5-6 stall
(Books will be on sale at Adams at R150)
Bring your book-mad kids aged 6 and over along for what promises to be an interactive session.
*About the book*

She’s not Harry Potter, but she loves adventure. Nisa Qamar is 10 years old, living in Johannesburg, South Africa with her single mum, Zainab, her little sister Aisha and their 3-year-old twin brothers, Ali and Isa.
Nisa loves books, ice cream, bicycles and hanging out with her bestie. She also has a special bond with her grandmother who tells her wonderful stories from the past. Gran teaches her the importance of prayer and The Verse of the Throne ie aayat ul qursi.
Written as an adventure with the thematic elements of good triumphing over evil, Nisa uncovers a plot to take over her school by the evil TroubleMaker. In a race against time she has to figure out who she can trust on this quest or lose the game to the Master of Jinniaville.
This story is the first in the series and actively promotes the idea that even a young child can make a difference by keeping the heart clean and making the choice to do good over evil.
*About the author*
Shafinaaz Hassim is a prolific South African author and public sociologist. Her previous works of fiction and non-fiction have been short-listed for various literary awards. In 2014, she was awarded by UNESCO and the London BookFair as one of the top 39 African writers under the age of 40. Her winning story was published in the AFRICA39 anthology by Bloomsbury UK.

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