Thursday, 17 November 2016

Stir fried rice

Stirfried Rice and veggies from the funky chef family kitchenߍ�͚
Can add cleaned prawns or chicken

1 cup rice boiled in kettel water adding 2 TSP salt. For every 1 cup of boiled rice 2 TSP salt is added to boiling water.
Boil rice till half done meaning its not hard but not soft either. Prepare veggies of choice making sure they are veggies that are stir fry friendly and can get soft with still retaining its colour.
Place a large non stick pan on stove and heat up 5 tbsp oil on a high heat. Add rice and veggies lower and keep on mixing. Rice must be allow to fry and cook do cover pan for about 15minutes after cooking open for about 10min..... Remove lid and higher the heat again. In BTW this mix in 2 TSP green onion spice,1 tsp aromat,1 tsp veggie spice, 1 tsp course black pepper,1 tsp funky chef chilli paste or ground green chillies , 4 tbsp soya sauce ,chop fresh Italian parsley and chives a handful of both. It should now be ready to serve my time of cooking is merely a guide. When i say high I do not mean burn my high starts from 4 on stove...!!!! Veggies must not be more than rice so just use discretion

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