Thursday, 24 November 2016

Teaching as a Career Choice...

Hearing the pitter patter of little feet stirs the mind into many a moment which holds a respective place on the shelf of my emotional belongings. Amidst the entirety of these shelves I have accomplished, there's one which stands out and that is my years of service in teaching. The story of my life that will stay etched in time and continue to inspire me and hopefully many who wish to dwindle on the possibility of experience in a personal trivia of challenges.

It's a Monday morning and I am greeted with a calm flock of smiling faces under a large umbrella of hope. The rush of little one's making their way into a place of belonging, an academia of knowledge. This is how I've always started my day. The shining stars of possibility, engaging in their chatter of conversation, while I watch on in silence waiting to hear, to learn and engage.  

Children have taught me so much. Teaching has been a rewarding journey for me … An endless stream which continues in my life as a book of many rewarding chapters. My interest in teaching started at a very young age as I was the oldest of my siblings and my work was cut-out, helping my mother with the little ones at every end. The best part was school and madrassah work where I got to be the teacher and this gave me the power to assert my interests. And so, the steps progressed towards my career path and I have never felt a dull moment since. I sometimes feel like a magnet, attracting children at every bend. They just love me. This is a huge spark in my career choice which for me has no end.

Being a mother myself, has always placed the emphasis on caring for children as a spectacle of involvement in the lives of many children. The first school rests on the lap of the mother and this is the basis of education. Mothers are teachers first, then caregivers and guardians of little lives. A mother is one of the pillars in their children's educational institutions and this is a gift. Teaching is a great concept of dialogue. 

We engage, laugh, learn and debate even through the significant barriers of the younger age groups. They can be very daunting with their mighty questions and inquisitive ideas. But they are the roots in the foundation phase and this is something I have grown to adapt as my forte'. I love teaching, 

I love the idea of being called, "Teacher, Ms Rawat, Mam, Apa..etc" I love it! My career expands into the Challenge of LSEN - Learners with Special Education Needs. As I progressed through the phases of my teaching years, I grew to latch onto these children who have been challenged in many ways. They are beautiful and I wanted to learn and engage more with them.

These children have challenges with learning, communication, emotional and behavioral
disorders, physical disabilities and developmental disorders. Special Education is the education for these children in a way that addresses their individual needs and differences. It is a stepping stone from the norm but it’s a challenge I work towards with sincerity and humility. There is presently a demand for Remedial therapy and educators should consider it as an option of involvement. Teaching in the broader sense of the word isn't just a career, it’s a way of life.

I would encourage anyone who can sift through the complexities of life with patience and great amounts of care and love with regard to children, to think about Teaching as a career path.

By Tasneem Rawat 
Tasneem Rawat Educator, Mum, Student of deen and a Humanitarian.

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