Wednesday, 16 November 2016

The Vitamin Fusion Bar

Our team of Doctors and Homeopaths have sourced the key to the Fountain of Youth and Energy. 

Aging, stress, sleep deprivation, inadequate nutrition, food preservatives, smoking as well as air pollutants cause exposure to an accumulation of Free Radicals.

Free Radicals cause oxidative stress to our life cells leading to fatigue, wrinkles, darkening, thinning, fading of the skin and predisposes the body to diseases such as cancer, heart disease, diabetes and anaemia.

We at The Vitamin Fusion Bar have a solution for you! We bring you tailored Vitamin Drips to suit your individual needs! The confluence of science and nature have come together to create Revolutionary Intravenous Vitamin based therapy.

We provide Revolutionary Intravenous Vitamin based infusions aimed at enhancing human bodily function, increasing vitality, beauty, energy and fighting oxidative stress by using powerful anti-oxidants such as Glutathione. Our drips strengthen the immune system preventing infections. 

Become the best version of yourself by getting the nutrients you need directly into your circulation within minutes! Try Vitamin Infusions today to live your best lifestyle. Go it to the fullest!


Most of us today leading busy lives forget that our bodies require vitamins for optimal performance and appearance. Vitamin tablets have very limited effect due to only a small portion of it being absorbed through the digestive system into your circulation. 

Intravenous infusions allow for direct uptake into the bloodstream to rehydrate, replenish and concentrate the vitamins inside every human cell. 

This leads to a balanced, full body and mind effect achieved with faster and better results than any other form of intake or application.

Drips are the most effective and completely safe when administered by a trained health professional. So rest assured that when you visit The Vitamin Fusion Bar you can get all your neccessary vitamins in a comfortable environment whilst you relax. Drips are customised to your individual goals and needs, to produce the best results.

Our base drip contains both vitamin C and Glutathione for immune boosting , skin brightening, energy and wellness. 

Dr Aboobaker 
The Vitamin Fusion Bar
Tel: 031 2099319
460 Peter Mokhaba / Ridge Road, Durban

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