Saturday, 31 December 2016

All in the name of a New Year....

Dressed in a black leather mini skirt,a shimmery silver top and Jimmy choo heels she is ready for the new years eve party at the hotest night club in town.How could she miss out on the most happening party of the year,on the most happening night of the year so she quickly covers herself up with an abaaya and hijaab before making salaam to her unsuspecting parents and rushes out the door as they think she is going for a sleepover at her cousin's apartment.She removes her abaaya and hijaab as well as her haayah as soon as she enters her friends car.The party was as awesome as she expected and after trying an attractive looking alcoholic drink or two she was ready to dance the year away.A few minutes later she passed out only to be woken up the next morning,in a strange car,next to a strange man,her clothes had been stripped off as well as her dignity.All in the name of celebrating the new year.

A loving father purchases the latest bike for his son as he was so proud of his achievements at school.He picked out a helmet in his son's favourite colour and engraved daddy loves you on it.He wanted to suprise his only child and called his beautiful wife to let her know he will be coming home shortly.As he was making his way home he noticed a few guys in the parking area starting their new years eve celebrations early by drinking beers and dancing.He ignored them and drove past.He switched on his favourite Surah Yaseen and was reciting it when a van came crashing into his car alas he did not return home but returned to his creator.The police informed his wife and now orphan child that their loved one was killed by a drunk driver.All in the name of celebrating the new year.

A newly married couple are invited to attend a new years eve beach party with a group of friends and they decide to go.The cool colour co-ordinated couple sit together near a bonfire on the sea shore smoking weed with their friends and laughing the year away.At the stroke of 12 when everybody starts wishing each other a happy New year a friend who was high went too far by not only wishing the new bride but kissing her.This enraged her husband who was also intoxicated and a huge fight broke out,a trigger was pulled and she is now a new widow.All in the name of celebrating the new year.

He is a young hafiz of the Quraan hence he was hesitant on going to his friends house party on New years eve yet he reluctantly agreed.He was feeling awkward as there were girls dancing provocatively.He was not familiar with any of the girls and asked his friend as to why he invited girls.His friend laughed and hinted that these were no ordinary girls.After having a glass of coke he decided to leave but he could not as he was feeling light headed little did he know his coke was spiked.All he remembers is waking up at 3am with a strange older woman in his arms and a few months later he was diagnosed with HIV.All in the name of celebrating the new year.

Fomo-fear of missing out.We all suffer from fomo at times especially when shaytaan makes all things and events harmful to us look so glittery and attractive.New years eve parties are packaged to attract millions of Muslims as we dance to the tunes of shaytaan there are people that are being robbed of their loved ones,their dignity,their identity,their haayah,their imaan and even their souls all in the name of celebrating a new year and yet What changes after the countdown?What changes after the clock strikes 12.01?Will it magically make you a better human?Does it promise you treasures or maybe a better life?Nothing and nobody miraculously ever changed at the stroke of midnight.

Rather create Fomo(fear of missing out) in your heart,mind soul with regards to your Salaah,zikr,the recitation and understanding of the Quraan as only Allah has the power to make your hour,your day,your month,your year and your life beautiful in this world as well as the hereafter.Your ultimate Fear of missing out:Jannah

May Allah safeguard us as well as our loved ones tonight and always.Ameen.

By Naadira Chhippa

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