Sunday, 4 December 2016

Mendhi magic

Assalaam wa'alaikum

I simply love the magic of mendhi. About 14yrs ago while holidaying in Pakistaan, I spent a few hours with a group of mendhi artists and thus began my addiction to mendhi.
Coming back to SA I practiced often on myself, my baby and my nieces. Eventually it turned into a part-time business, Mendhi 4 u. Featuring in newspapers, events, launches and promotions Mendhi 4 u grew in leaps an bounds boasting their own Eid Mendhi Mela at the Eid Bazaar. Mentoring my daughter and many other young South African girls to continue in the field, I have long since stopped. My daughter is now a master in the field, trading as Alhena by Azra. Itching to rekindle my love I stole some time from my Saturday evening to doodle with a cone. Loved the results!

For the love of mendhi...

Durban Muslima


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