Saturday, 17 December 2016

Review... Vatika Hair oil

Suffering with mosse hair-fall and hair breakage, I've tried everything that comes my way .. hair tonics, all the hair oils and concoctions to even medication.
Besides either increasing the hair fall,or further irritating my scalp, they did nothing to help my predicament.

Then I came across Vatika hair oils. This particular one is A Garlic enriched hair oil that promotes natural hair growth.
Opening the bottle for a whiff I expected the pungent smell of garlic but instead I my senses were soothed by the calming scent of lavender.

Some research on the product that I came across...
Since ancient times garlic is known to promote natural hair growth .  Garlic is a rich source of minerals and vitamins which are essential for both healthy scalp and hair. It has been scientifically  formulated to produce Dabur Vatika Garlic Enriched Hair Oil which along with other ingredients fortifies hair strands to control hair breakage, revitalises and infuses the hair with extra strength, shine and smoothness.

On application the oil is non-greasy and not heavy at all.
After a few days your hair starts feeling nourished and healthy and hairloss is slowing down.

So only good things to say about this product!

Malaika's stocks the different variants of these hair oils as well as the Vatika range of shampoo's and conditioners.

B sure to get your bottle and start nourishing those locks back to health without breaking the bank!

Durban Muslima

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