Monday, 12 December 2016

Sailing the Big Boat in Business

It is a pleasure to once again share my thoughts, ideas and advice with South Africa…the nation I love, admire and cannot wait to revisit in 2014. As a young entrepreneur, having started my business career at the age of 14, I want to share with you some key points about getting started in business. And so I hope you are able to take some teachings from what I have to address. When it comes to business and getting started on a journey that most people wouldn’t even dare too attempt, you need to ask ourselves a few questions first: The idea you have is it profitable? Is there even a market for your idea? More importantly, how strong is your wealth? These are 3 simple questions that will determine your initial approach in the business world. The common mistake we all make is that we assume we know everything. And we assume that our ideas are the best out there and no one else has come up with the same idea! Wrong! Research is so important!

To able to succeed in any field of business, everyone must research the industry they want to go into, and yes, this may take months to accomplish so you have to learn to be patient. When you complete the research phase, only then will you be able to tell whether there is a market for your idea and whether your idea is profitable. The third question is about wealth. Now the mistake made here is that everyone assumes wealth is money. Your wealth is not determined by how much money or how little money you have, but rather more associated with actual man power and assets you hold such as key people who can play a significant role in helping
to develop your idea for it to be become a success.

There are a few key types of people that I recommend every one of you wanting to get into business must have: A Mentor who can support and guide you in the field of business you are willing to approach A small team of people who have some experience in marketing and PR, so that you can develop your personal brand and image as you progress with your idea. This can be anyone from family to even friends or associates you know within your community. It’s about building a relationship that hold long term value rather than it being decided by the amount of money they will receive.

By being determined in wanting to network, it is essential you connect with people from all fields of business, so that you have a portfolio of strong connections you can utilise for future references when developing your business.

Just remember business is never a one person game!
It requires many players, and you will make mistakes and you will fail. But it is all part of the learning experience that will one day will tell a very inspiring story when you do succeed!
Big Hugs to you all! Sabirul Islam
Founder of Inspire1Million
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 By Sabirul Islam

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