Tuesday, 6 December 2016

Society Stigmas..

Assalaam wa'alaikum

Society and its stigma's just make me laugh... Seem to be on a roll recently.

So as you know I had a spell of mendhi mania this weekend, and being out and about today between school functions and clients I was dumbfounded as to why people were asking if I just got married. Only later did I realise that it was because of the mendhi on my hands. Lucky they didnt see past my wrist as to how high my mendhi was. lol

Then this weekend, I met up with family, who saw me in niqab for the first time and they asked if I went into niqab because my husband asked me to. My reply was "I did it for Allah's pleasure."
Why do people so readily make wrong assumptions. Going into niqab is not a walk in the park. It comes with alot of responsibility and should only be done for the sake of Allah. Also it means a change in your lifestyle, mannerisms etc. Its not just about covering your face but also the way you conduct yourself.

Previously I was asked why I went into hiding. Like seriously. If our own muslim sisters think this way about the niqab then how do we expect non-muslims to offer us any respect.

We as muslims need to change our attitude and thinking first in these matters before we try to take on non-muslims on these matters.

Another stigma that I found is about divorcees. Its my observation of peoples treatment of divorcees. Men assume that the women are "easy" and take advantage of the woman's financial or emotional vulnerabilities. They use work etc as an opening to start a conversation and they get into their good books. Fellow women assume the divorced women is automatically out to "steal" her husband. Best friends suddenly become distant as they are afraid or have been fed stories by other women that "watch out, or she will steal your husband." Sick is not the word to describe this behaviour. For people that are educated, for us to assume such things shows how ignorant we truly are despite the high level of education.

Sisters, brothers drop the assumptions... Drop the acts ... Fix your thinking...

Yours in clearing the misconceptions..

Durban Muslima

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