Saturday, 28 January 2017


Hazrat Moulana Yunus Patel Saheb rahmatullaahi 'alayh says :
I had mentioned in a talk that we have ISTIQAAMAT ( steadfastness ) when it comes to our meals.  We are punctual and regular with breakfast, lunch and supper ; we even have. Snack time , tea-break, high tea, and midnight snack.... We won't let one meal time pass, without satiating our stomachs - even if the stomach is already full.

However , the same 'Istiqaamat' is not found when it comes to feeding our souls.
Allah تعالى gives us five delicious, wholesome spirtual meals every day , namely :  FAJR , ZUHR , ASR , MAGHRIB and ESHA - (the five daily prayers which are compulsory.) 
Allah تعالى even gives us the snack, the tea, the midnight snack - and these are : Ishraaq , Chaast , Awabeen and Tahajjud - (optional prayers.)
Sadly , in all the efforts made for the physical body, the soul is starved and malnourished. It is entirely neglected. In truth, it is forgotten, and it remains nothing more in description than an embryo - undeveloped.
...Forgetting one's soul is having forgotten Allah تعالى . And when a person forgets Allah تعالى , forgets the Hereafter and forgets Accountability, he undoubtedly has neglected and forgotten his soul. if he leaves this world in this condition of negligence, he returns to his Creator with a great burden of liabilities, and either, very little assets or no assets.
( May Allah تعالى protect us .)

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