Saturday, 28 January 2017

Lamb  pilau

1 1/2kg cut up lamb pieces
Boil 6 eggs
4 med onions  sliced
Green chutney
Frozen  peas
potatoes  cut in half n fried as per biryani
31/2cups basmati par boiled as per biryani
11/2 cup  yoghurt
Fry onions add 2 tsp whole jeera cinnamon sticks n cloves until  soft n changes colour.
Add 1T ginger garlic
4tsp  fine soomph
3 tsp  fine dhania
1 1/2 tsp fine jeera
1-2  chopped green chillies
Salt to taste
1 tsp fine elachie
Add mutton n mix well.
Cook until tender almost  done. Add green chutney  n the yoghurt.
Cook  for a while.
In the pot you want to set your pillau place some heavy  foil at the bottom  or if you  dont have slice some  potatoe circles n lay at the bottom  of the pot.
Layer  your  meat
Cut some green dhania over the meat
Now layer your potatoes
Some fried onions
Layer half the rice  some peas
Now the eggs
Balance of rice
Some fried onions.
Some  ghee.
1 cup water  mixed in a little saffron .One can  use egg yellow  if u dont have saffron  on hand.
Place over high heat  15 min n then put  in mod oven for 45-60min until done as per biryani.

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