Saturday, 14 January 2017

Raising children...

*Below are 21 points with proofs and evidences from the Qurʾān and authentic sunnah on the topic of raising children*
From the book 'Naṣīḥatī li-Nisā’ *(My Advice to the Women)* authored by Umm ʿAbdillāh al-Wādiʿīyyah, the daughter of the late Imām of Yemen, Al-ʿAllāmah Muqbil ibn Hādi al-Wādiʿī - raḥimahullāh.
*(taken from website)*
*《1》*     To teach the child, ‘Where is Allāh?’
*《2》*      Instructing the child to eat with his/her right-hand.
*《3》*       Teaching the child not to blow on hot food/drink.
*《4》*      Instruct the child by age 1-1½ to mention ‘bismillah’ upon eating/drinking.
*《5》*       To teach the child the pillars of Islām and īmān.

*《6》*       To teach the child the rulings of wuḍūʿ.
*《7》*       Eat with your right hand and eat which is near to you.
*《8》*      Get them accustomed with good and command them with ṣalāt at 7yrs of age.
*《9》*       Arrange their beds separately when they are 10yrs of age.
*《10》*   Accustom them with fasting.
*《11》*   Teach your child the correct ʿaqīdah.
*《12》*   Advice your child with that with Luqmān advised his child.
*《13》*   To seek permission to enter a house or a room.
*《14》*   Teach them the matters which are forbidden that they main abstain from them.
*《15》*   Explaining the meaning of an āyah or ḥadīth that is being related of them.
*《16》*   Connect their hearts to Allāh.
*《17》*   Give concern to the memorisation of the Qurʾān.
*《18》*   Do not leave your children to mix with foolish children.
*《19》*   Do not leave your child outside in the evening.
*《20》*   Do not leave the child to play alone (always) and do not make learning boring.
*《21》*   Make your child sit with those who are righteous.

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