Wednesday, 11 January 2017

Review... Hydradermie Facial

Last week I treated myself to a Hydradermie Facial.
I’ve had this facial before and wanted to share my thoughts….
I can’t put into words how much I needed this facial! I don’t have spots or any extreme skin conditions but my skin is drab and sallow…

Ok…please excuse me on the description of the treatment it’s not as accurate as it could be as I was falling in and out of consciousness (it’s a relaxing treatment, I was super sleepy!)
The therapist left the room as I slipped off my shoes and top and lay on the massage table under a towel. After cleansing and a gentle exfoliation the therapist applied a delicious gel to my face which smelt so good .
In the middle of the treatment the therapist begins a mild electrotherapy (ionising, galvanic and oxygenating high frequency).
This sounds scary but in fact the 2 cold Hydradermie machine rollers massage over the face which feels lovely and helps the active ingredients penetrate deep into the skin, removing impurities and toxins and improving sluggish circulation.
I think this was the point when the second gel and electrotherapy came, this time the skin tingles more and the electric device is now like a metal wand with small metal balls on the end.
I snoozed as a hydrating face mask was applied, I came round to the therapist’s whispering “are you wake?” she then removed the mask and massaged in a light moisturizer. I felt sad when it had to end!
I don’t really feel the benefit of facials without the electrical treatment any more, this method really does seem to push the product deeper into the skin. My skin is plumper and the benefits seem to last longer . I can only imagine after a full course of treatments my skin would look and feel great and I’ll keep you updated after a couple more sessions.
The products all smell like heaven and really suit my skin type.
Now, nearly 10 hours after my appointment my skin still feels more hydrated than it has in years!
Instead I can honestly say my skin is clear and looks and feels incomparably hydrated!

So if you want an equally wonderful experience,call Zohra Soomar on 082-786-0332.

Durban Muslima

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