Tuesday, 31 January 2017

Sole to soul

THE REWELLNESS - Wellbeing, Weight Loss & Aesthetics Centre
Head, Neck & Shoulders inclusive of Spinal C1 to C7 Pressure Points Stimulation, excellent for relief of Headaches, Migraines & Tension. Aids tremendously to De-Stress @ R50
15 minutes
Reflex Foot Pressure Points are The Neuro connection to the entire Body. Stimulation of these P/P combats The Body's discomfort, aches & Pains @ R50
15 minutes

Infra-Red Detox, Lymph Drainage & Blood Circulation Machine Massage @ R50
10 minutes
Aafiyah (Holistic) Healing:
Energy Boosting, enhancing The Body's Natural ability to Heal itself @ R100
Emotional Healing:
Suppressed Emotions left to accumulate in The Subconscious Mind is assisted to be brought to The Conscious Mind, guided to Address & Cope with each Emotional Trauma & learning how to let go of The Emotional Shackles @ R100
The Above are 20 minutes for each treatment respectively.
Combining Both The Aafiyah & Emotional Healing
@ R150 for 30 minutes.
Deep Tissue Massage (HTT - medically endorsed recliner)
@ R100
Thursdays & Fridays till the end of January 2017
Contact Reflexologist Rukeya Ally
Office Hours:
031 207 4589
076 854 5500
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